What is the best exercise for weight loss ?

Weight is a serious problem,with serious health issues related to it. With the issue heavily present in today’s world, we all know what causes it weight problems, why we gain too much weight or even why we lose to much weight. We all want to have the perfect figure, or at least be close to it. We know that we need to do two things in order to get there: have a healthy diet ; exercise regularly.

Lets look a little more into the exercise area. We all know that running is great, but most people do not like doing it. One could try the gym, but it is just too expensive and honestly, time is an issue as well. So, what is the best exercise for weight loss? The answer is simple, and we all did it when we were kids, unaware that is was so good to lose weight. The best exercise for weight loss is simple: skipping rope. Skipping rope is easy, it does not take too much time to do, and it is an amazing exercise to burn calories.

best exercise for weight loss What is the best exercise for weight loss ?

Skipping rope : Amazing Exercise To Burn Calories

Skipping rope can burn up to an amazing 800 calories per hour. This is nearly half the calorie consumption required per day for the average person! Of course, skipping rope an hour everyday would have us requiring to eat a lot more than what we would like. However, skipping rope is in such a way the best weight loss exercise, that it is only required to do a short, 10 minute workout everyday in order to start consistently losing weight. A good starting exercise would be to skip the rope around thirty times and repeat it to up to two to three times.

When you can master skipping rope,it is a good idea to start going harder on it! A good if not the best weight loss exercise would be to skip rope for three minutes and repeat this three times, with one minute to rest in between.

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